What We Are Doing
  1. Since February of 2005, CompInsTech has been supporting the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in maintaining several sets of legacy Extraction, Transportation and Loading (ETL) applications on their Investigative Data Warehouse (IDW) program.
  2. Using PERL as the extraction tool and Oracle database as the storage unit, various sources of different types of data are extracted, parsed and ingested into the Oracle database and HTML files are created and stored on file servers.
  3. In March of 2006, one of the legacy applications was completely re-designed. A true software life-cycle end-to-end application development technique was applied;
  • from gathering customer requirements
  • to analysis and scope of these requirements,
  • to logically and physically designing the application framework,
  • to implementation of the software algorithms in code,
  • to unit, regression and user acceptance testing,
  • to deployment and stabilization in production,
  • to updating system documentation and user manuals.

CompInsTech currently supports and maintains these applications in production.


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