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Our Services

COMPINSTECH follows a complete software and systems development lifecycle approach based on the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model (SEI-CMM). All application and development projects use these guidelines as a framework to insure quality products time and again.

1. Requirements gathering

2. Requirements Analysis and scope of work

3. Logical and Physical design of the unanimous software solutions

4. Software implementation in Code and/or other applicable approaches

5. Testing and deployment in production

6. Software stabilization and/or decommissioning of legacy application

Database Management, Data Warehousing, and Data Mining

Knowledge involves collection of data that drives decisions. Your organization's ability to collect, store, retrieve, disseminate, and analyze your data to transform it into information and knowledge enhances decision-making with direct impact on efficiency and profitability. At CompInsTech, we help you expand your knowledge by constructing database technologies using solid information architectures that are scalable to meet the needs of any enterprise. Our experience includes:

Full life cycle support for database architectures;

Migration of legacy systems to client/server and web-based information architectures;

Design and development of decision support, data visualization, and information access applications;

Merging data from multiple, disparate databases and structures (video, text, images, geo-spatial).

Technology experience: Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, MicroStrategy, ADABAS and other legacy systems.

Dynamic Web Development to foster e-Government and e-Business

Dissemination of your enterprise data through analytical applications over the World Wide Web empowers your employees and customers with information-creating a broader knowledge base that extends across your enterprise. Whether it is at home, the office, or on the run in our mobile society, CompInsTech builds web-based applications that deliver knowledge to the end-user-wherever they are.


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