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As the need to eliminate manual intervention of any kind in any software process grows larger and larger, Information Technology (IT) Companies find themselves faced with one of the toughest battles yet. What might seem to be a simple correction to a process flaw introduced via manual or human errors, most of the time has proven to be gravely expensive not only financially but also downtime wise for the company. In fact, about 90% of these so-called simple flaws are actually fatal from a software standpoint.

CompInsTech is dedicated to being a problem solving solution providing partner to the federal government and other local state governments with automated software solutions. Our solutions are geared towards instant customer notification of errors encountered during operations of production systems. Such solutions have been proven to greatly reduce downtime and cost.

We analyze, design, develop, test and deploy robust application infrastructures using object-oriented and service-oriented architectures that are open-ended with extremely low maintenance and acceptable customer performance. We then follow through with superb production support.


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